Marlow and Maya: Grey Tabbies


Coat Type Short-haired

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    We were so excited to find Marlow and Maya as tiny kittens at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. These littermates had been found as strays on the side of the highway, and were scooped up by Animal Control. Still too young to eat solid foods, the caretakers at the shelter bottle-fed them until they were ready to be adopted. We fell in love with them immediately and knew they would make great additions to our company. The first 5 months of their lives with us, the tabby team traveled with their trainer to British Columbia to work on a Television series. It was a great way for them to get used to the traveling and daily life on a set! From there, they have continued to learn and gain more and more experience. They are both extremely smart, loving cats, and have grown up to become seasoned and capable movie cats. 


    • TV Shows:
      • Pup Academy 
      • Station 19
      • American Housewife
      • Call Me Kat
    • Commercials:
      • Subaru
      • Apple
      • Chewy
      • Jack in the Box 
      • Blue Buffalo
      • Scoop Away
      • Wellness
    • Print Ads:
      • Royal Canin 
      • Call Me Kat

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    Coat Type Short-haired